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Welcome to STRWiki

The one-stop shop for all information about the Sterrewacht and living in the Netherlands. This wiki is meant to act as a guide for expats who are coming from outside the Netherlands (see “Getting Started”), as well as general information for PhD and MSc students including course requirements, department living, Leiden living, and other resources that are available to you. Welcome to the Sterrewacht!

About STRWiki

This is your wiki and together we can make this a fantastic place.

DISCLAIMER: The wiki is maintained and updated by the astronomy community at Leiden Observatory. It is meant as a guide and not an authoritative source. Some information may be out of date. It is always best to double check all information provided.

If you came here but the information you are looking for is missing, incomplete, or just plain wrong, please feel free to edit by logging in with your Sterrewacht account, or email one of the STRWiki team (Mason Carney, David Carton, Allison Hill, Francois Mernier, Vachail Salinas).

We always welcome any ideas for improvement.

Have a nice day.


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