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We thank everyone who has contributed to STRWiki so far. If you have contributed anything, feel free to add your own name below to our by no means exhaustive list below.

  • Matteo Brogi *
  • Jayne Birkby *
  • Marcello Cacciato
  • Dan Caputo
  • Mason Carney
  • David Carton
  • Erik Deul
  • Edith Fayolle
  • Marijn Franx
  • Edwin van der Helm
  • Allison Hill
  • Nienke van der Marel *
  • Tiffany Meshkat *
  • Francois Mernier
  • Joseph Mottram *
  • Steven Rieder
  • Michiel Rodenhuis *
  • Marissa Rosenberg *
  • Pedro Russo
  • Vachail Salinas
  • Eva Schmalzl
  • Tim van Werkhoven

* Original STRWiki pioneers.


But of course, STRWiki is the only the latest incarnation of a series of Sterrewacht survival guides. It began with A Bluffers Guide to the Structure of Astronomy at Leiden, for which we must thank to George Miley, Anthony Brown and Frank Israel.

Of course you are welcome to peruse this guide, as it may contain things we have missed or explain them in a better way, but be aware that specific details (e.g. contacts) may have changed by now.

You may also find Social committee's (SOCCOM) website contains useful information, but again health warnings apply to out of date information.

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