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Getting Started

Arriving in a new place can always be challenging. We're here to help. So you have accepted a position at the Sterrewacht? Congratulations! ;-) There are a few things you need to do before you arrive. Some of the important steps are highlighted in this checklist as well as below.

Note: This information applies largely to incoming PhDs/employees of Leiden Observatory. For incoming MSc students, please see the Leiden Observatory MSc page.

If you have any specific questions that are not covered in this guide, feel free to contact your PhD ambassadors.

Before you arrive

Main page here. Or following the checklist:

Make sure you are aware of any deadlines, or how long some of the legal processes take (e.g., possible deadlines to contact your embassy, timelines for legalizations, etc., according to your departure date). Contact Yvonne Kluijt if you have not heard from HR three months prior to your scheduled start date.

After you arrive

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