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Who Can Help Me?

Leiden Observatory is supported by an excellent administration and support team. Below are links to their contact details:

  • Evelijn Gerstel - Institute Manager Leiden Observatory (Oort Building, 4th floor)
  • Yvonne Kluijt - HR department contact (Gorlaeus Laboratorium, 1st floor)
  • Erik Deul - Head of computer group. Although you can stop by room 408 (Huygens Building, 4th floor) to speak to any member of the computer group, they are best reached via Helpdesk
  • Aart Vos - Employee Self-Service Accounts (Huygens Building, 4th floor)

The 'Experts' List

This is a list of people from the Sterrewacht who have knowledge on specific astronomy-based issues and have volunteered to help if you have questions. Please feel free to contact them, they don't bite, but please do 'read the manual' first for your specific topic.

  • Francois Mernier - X-ray data reduction pipeline (XMM SAS software, HEASOFT), fitting models on X-ray spectra (SPEX)
  • Tiffany Meshkat - NACO/VLT data reduction, ADI image processing techniques (LOCI/PCA), generating contrast curves
  • Isabel Aleman - IDL, Fortran, physics/chemistry of planetary nebulae
  • Christian Ginski - SPHERE/ZIMPOL data reduction, VLT/NACO data reduction, astrometric measurements and orbit fitting
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