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Social events

King's Day (Koningsdag)

More info can be found here.

3rd October (Drie Oktober Feest)

On 3rd October 1574, after many months of siege by the Spanish, the city of Leiden was successful relieved. All the Leidenaars who suffered from starvation could get then enough to eat again. This even is still considered as an important victory of Dutch rebels against Spanish. More info here.

To celebrate and remember this victory, the municipality of Leiden organizes a huge party every 3rd October. Within one or 2 days, the whole city becomes crazy and transforms into a huge festival, with a lot of open air discos and entertainment stalls. Usually we plan to party together with people from the Observatory, so if you want to join us, check your emails. 3rd Octiober is also an official day off for the whole University, so now you don't have any excuse not to celebrate it !


Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday on December 5th. It is quite similar to the “Santa Claus” celebrations, in fact Sinterklaas was the origin! It is celebrated with family and close friends, by exchanging gifts and eating gingerbread-type cookies. At the Sterrewacht, we are fortunate enough to have Sinterklaas visit every year! Check your email for updates on when Sinterklaas is visiting this year, he will have presents, stories and lessons for everyone. See here for more information on his visit to the Sterrewacht.

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