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Public holidays

Click here for the Leiden University academic calendar and list of closure dates for public holidays. Building access on public holidays is the same as for Sundays.

Taking holidays

Holiday time can be requested by logging into the self-service portal (from within the University firewall). On the left click on the link for “Leave Request”, select the date(s) and the total number of hours you are requesting, and usually Mw J.C. Drost for the approver. Click review and follow the remaining directions.

Sick leave

When you become ill, you should notify Debbie Klaassen (phone 071 527 5737, email: on the first day of illness, also if this is during vacation. When you are better, you should again notify Debbie. More information at the university website (Dutch) (Google translate).

Parental leave

The university pays 13 times the weekly hours for parental leave at 62.5% of your salary. Information on parental leave at the university website.

N.B. Unclear if there is a difference for mothers/fathers.

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