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Educational Events at the Sterrewacht

At the beginning of the academic year (early September), the Sterrewacht holds a “Science Day” in the de Sitterzaal. This is a full day of presentations by the faculty, postdocs, phds and masters students. This day allows you to get a broad overview of all the different topics in astronomy people are working on here in Leiden.

There are a number of talks throughout the week. Here is a quick summary:

Discovery Talks and free lunch - Every Tuesday at 12:30 in de Sitter zaal. Two 15 minute presentations on discoveries made in Leiden's Science faculty in the past week. These talks are not astronomy-specific, but are in any scientific field. And free lunch afterwards!

  • Lunch talks - During lunch at 12:30 in room 414. Visiting or local astronomers talk about new results in a quick presentation while you eat lunch. Check your email for the upcoming lunch talks or check the calendar.
  • Colloquia - Every Thursday at 16:00 in de Sitter zaal. A visiting astronomer gives a 45 minute presentation on their research, this is a great opportunity to learn about cutting edge astronomy at other institutes!
  • PhD talks - Every other Friday at 16:30 in room 414, PhD students give short 15-20 minute presentations on their work. For the schedule, check this website.
  • Leiden Observatory Seminar - Every other Friday at 16:30 in de Sitter zaal. These are bi-weekly seminars for the Sterrewacht to be introduced to new people, updated on many projects, and to hear a science talk from one of our own Leiden astronomers. It is followed by the borrel (see below)!
  • Journal clubs - there are a number of journal clubs that occur throughout the week. There is a general astro-ph discussion organised by the PhD students, as well as subject specific ones organised by specific groups. Ask around for info on how to join the mailing lists.

If you need to book a room for a journal club or meeting, email or speak to the secretaries in room 551. You can see current reservations here (but only from inside the University firewall).


The main vein of astronomy outreach at the observatory is Universe Awareness. This organization targets young children around ages 4-10 and focuses particularly on developing countries. One of its main goals is to bring the wonders of the universe to classrooms and student that typically do not get exposure to astronomy. To get involved, you can sign up as a Student Ambassador through their Ambassador Programme. They are a friendly bunch, so if you have any questions you can stop by their office in Room 400.

Check out all the other outreach activities that happen at the Sterrewacht here: Outreach

Nederlandse Astronomen Conferentie (NAC)

The annual Dutch Astronomy Conference (NAC for short) is a Dutch-Belgian astronomy conference that many PhDs attend, and like the NOVA fall school it is a great place to meet other PhDs and network with the astronomy community. Although the conference is organized locally, it is in English.

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