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Expected salary

Everything you ever wanted to know about salaries at Leiden University.

30% tax rule

Those coming to Leiden from outside the Netherlands may be entitled to the '30% tax ruling'. This means that the first 30% of your gross monthly salary is not taxed. For more details, click here. Eligibility conditions can be found here. You will need HR to arrange your application, please contact them if you are unsure about your eligibility.


If you receive a salary from the University, you pay into a pension with the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). For more information, click here.

Tax returns

You should expect to have to complete a tax return after your first year, to be submitted before the 1st April. You should automatically receive the forms in the mail. You can also file tax returns for previous years if necessary but you should check how far back you can do this.

Other Expenses

As an employee of Leiden University, there are a number of ways you can request money back for certain expenses (bike maintenance, commuting, etc.) Check the “Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model” website to see what you're applicable for. To apply for any of these benefits, you need to sign into the SAP User Portal and check the “Flexible Benefits” section.

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