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PhD Information

NOVA Fall School

The NOVA Fall School is a week long event, usually held in Dwingeloo (at ASTRON), for first year PhD students. Attending NOVA school is mandatory at some point in your PhD. And plus it's fun! This is a great opportunity to meet other PhD students in the Netherlands and learn about what others will be studying. Check this website for more information.

PhD Requirements

Skills Courses

As astronomy PhD students, we are part of the Faculty of Science Graduation School. The Faculty of Science requires that we take 4 PhD training courses. Check this website for the course information and registration. You need to register yourself, so don't delay! You should receive an email when the next registration cycle is open.

Being a Teaching Assistant

Part of your job as a PhD student at the Sterrewacht is helping the Observatory somehow, most of the time by being a teaching assistant (TA). If you do not speak Dutch, this usually means you will TA the masters courses. You will be contacted at the beginning of the academic year (September) with your teaching schedule for the year. Make sure you contact the professor of the course to see what kind of duties you will have! In general, most students will TA 2-4 times during their PhD.

Promotie Begeleidings Commissie (PBC)

This is an annual interview for each PhD student to discuss their progress and any issues they might be having. It requires a short written report to be submitted beforehand by the student. Details will be sent by email.

Other Activities

  • LEO is the Leiden PhD association. This group organizes events for PhD students, including monthly drinks. For more information check their website and register!
  • PhD talks - Every other Friday at 16:30 in room 414, PhD students give short 15-20 minute presentations on their work. For the schedule, check this website.
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